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Advertising & PR
  • Regular (Monday - Friday)
  • Weekend (Saturday - Sunday)
  • Correspondence
Duration : 1 Year      Eligibility : Graduate
University : » Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
                      » Mahatma Gandhi University
The Advertising & Public Relations Program of the Prans Media Institute offers a Bachelor of Arts degree to a diverse, yet selective group of highly motivated students. In addition to providing a rigorous curriculum which explores current theories in integrated marketing, advertising, corporate communications, public relations, and communications management, the Ad/PR Program at Prans Media is dedicated to delivering the sort of practical knowledge and hands-on experiences that students could only get by studying here in the communications capital of the world. Our program not only gives students access to global corporations, leading edge firms, and dynamic grass roots organisations, but to an engaged faculty that includes working professionals.
  • Public-Crowd-Mob-Audience-Mass.
  • Relations-Behavioral Science-Organizational Behavior.
  • Public Relations: Introduction, Background, Definitions, concept, scope, Public Relations- Propaganda, Advertisement, Publicity, Public Opinion, Marketing, Laisioning, Lobbying, Campaign, Promotion.
  • P.R, Model of PR change process.
  • Common misconceptions about PR, Ten components of systematic approach to PR problem solving, Checklist of PR, SWOT analysis of PR in the present changing scenario.
  • Corporate PR.
Basic Knowledge of the following terms for successful and effective PR person: Understanding self, Self Esteem, Effective Listening, Patience, Conquest of anger, Negotiation power for win, Behavioral adjustment, Motivation Capability, Leadership quality, Body language, Positive thinking in any circumstances, Team spirit, Dealing with conflict, Instincts, Human Learning.

Event Management : Exhibitions, trade fair, conference, Seminars, meetings, workshops, Sponsored events, Music and cultural programmes, sports, Fashion show, Theme dinner, Marriage, Tours etc.

Crisis Management : Predictable and unpredictable crisis, crisis situations, reaction to crisis, crisis communication, more than just debunking the damage, Out of adversity, post crisis communication. The relationship between individual and organization stress, coping with stress.

Time Management & Stress Management.
Introduction - Definition, Meaning concept, Origin and evolution of advertising History & development of Advertising
Types of Advertising
  • Advertising and Society
  • A structuring of the issue, Nature and content of Advertising, Effects on values and lifestyles, Economic effects of advertising, Advertising and competition, Remedies
  • Ethics in Advertising
  • Advertising Agency-
  • Types of agency, structure, functions, roles, & scope
  • Agency client relations, Apex organisations: DAVP, INS, ISA, AAAI

Unit I
  • The creation of Advertisements
  • Creativity in advertising, Style of Thinking: Fact v/s Value based thinking
  • Creative Pyramid: Attention, Interest, credibility, Desire, Action, Advertising Pyramid Brain Storming: Idea generation, Big Idea
  • Transforming Concepts (Idea) in to copy

Unit II
  • Basics of Advertising copy writing
  • Copy Platform, Blocks to creativity
  • Models of Creativity: Roger von model, Graham Wallas model, James Young Model
  • Role of Advertising Artist for print: Art director, Graphic designer, Illustrators, Photographers etc Use of Layouts for print the print design process: Thumbnail, Rough, Dummy etc.
  • Types of Headlines and body copy

  • Writing Effective Radio Copy
  • Writing Effective T.V. Copy
  • Basic mechanics of storyboard development
  • Formats for Radio and T.V. Commercials: Slice of life, life style, animation, straight announcement, Presenter, Testimonial, Demonstration, Musical etc.
  • Planning and advertising campaigns: market research, product research, consumer analysis
  • Measuring effectiveness of advertising campaign