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Camera & Lights
  • Regular (Monday - Friday)
  • Weekend (Saturday - Sunday)
  • Correspondence
Duration : 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year      Eligibility : 10+2
University : » Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
                      » Mahatma Gandhi University
The students doing the Cinematography Course at Pran's Media Institute are not only given hands-on practical training in film and digital cameras along with extensive lensing and lighting practicals , but are also given a rigorous input in the aesthetics of image making.

We prepare our students doing the Cinematography Course to be able to perform in all kinds of shooting conditions, be it the studio floor, the exterior space or a combination of interior and exterior lighting conditions. We also train them to work as part of a collaborative team and be able to communicate with the Director and understand his or her requirements fully.
  • Visualisation And Representation
  • History of Photography
  • Purpose of Photography
  • Deconstruction of Media - I
  • Understanding other forms of artistic expressions - I
  • Critical appreciation of Masters' body of work - I
  • Meet photographers - I
  • Basics of Camera in Film SLR format
  • Exposure - interplay of shutter speed & aperture
  • Colour Theory
  • Understanding light and shadow in black and white and colour
  • Aesthetics of Composition
  • Basics of Light
  • Digital photography
  • Understanding - Natural Light, Flash, Reflector Studio lights, lenses and Filters
  • Documenting life through Portraiture
  • Developing curatorial capability
  • Post-production of Images - cropping, colour correction, Enhancement