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Script Writing
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  • Correspondence
Duration : 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year      Eligibility : 10+2
University : » Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
                      » Mahatma Gandhi University
Screenplay Writing Why should you be doing a creative writing course? Writing understandably is the most potent and yet the simplest form of human expression. Unlike speech, writing transcends the barriers of space and time. Therefore, if you can write well you have true power at your disposal. That is why courses in creative writing can open a new world for you. The craft of writing has multiple dimensions…poetry, novels, short stories, non-fiction books, screenwriting, plays, journalistic articles, travelogues and experimental pieces. And our creative writing workshops will take you there and let you explore.

Every human mind conjures up images but a creative human mind is just not satisfied merely weaving visuals. It wants to express the thoughts through a medium that has appreciable aesthetic appeal. This creative writing course helps you give vent to your creative urges. Writing is a skill that can help you in your daily life. Watch your communication skills flower in the creative writing workshops. If you have a creative mind and would love to express your ideas through beautiful literary pieces, then this course is for you. The approach of this creative writing course will be highly professional; plenty of practical creative writing workshops that will inculcate the requisite skills in you. Come and discover the writer in yourself.
  • Story Genre, Story Writing.
  • Elements of Story - The Premise, Setting, Characterisation, Narrative Structure.
  • Creative powerful Characters.
  • Story Structure - Linear & Non-linear Narrative.
  • Three Act Structure.
  • Goal & Journey of a character - Character Development - Creating characters.
  • Building Drama.
  • Motivation & Action.
  • Dialogue Writing.
  • Screenplay - Visualisation.
  • Adaptation - processes and kinds of adaptation .