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Still Photography

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Still Photography
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  • Correspondence
Duration : 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year      Eligibility : 10+2
University : » Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
                      » Mahatma Gandhi University
Photography offers a good career option. Newspapers, magazines, and books make extensive use of photographs. Photographers are in demand for covering marriage functions and other celebrations in a family and events such as public meetings, exhibitions, fairs, games, sports and stage shows as well as for supplying portraits for a variety of purposes which include filing of applications, making of identity cards and portfolios. High-grade photographs are required for the marketing of consumer goods and industrial products. The list of the use of photographs is indeed long and unending.

A photograph is equivalent to thousand words. For movies, twenty four photographs showing successive stage of overall movement in a scene are recorded per second and rapidly projected one after another on the screen to create an illusion of motion. Such is the potential of the visual medium of communication known as still photography!
  • How photography works.
  • Lenses.
  • Film.
  • Framing and composition of still shot.
  • Television and Movie Cameras.
  • The television camera.
  • Television camera controls and adjustments.
  • The television camera mounts
  • Basic optics
  • The Lens
  • The Zoom Lens.
  • Lens Filters.
  • Controlling exposure.
  • Focusing the shot.
  • Framing the shot.
  • Composing the shot.
  • Perspective and depth of field.
  • Camera movements.
  • Shooting for editing.
  • Camera care routines.
  • The digital television camera.
  • The movie camera.